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Set your Artistic Goals

I wrote an eBook that will guide you through setting your artistic goals and help you unlock your creative potential

The Artistic Goals eBook goes indepth with all the things I’ve struggled myself along my journey as a creative, and especially during a shift in my mindset where I wanted to feel more in touch with my creativity while still staying productive as an artist. We’ll take deep dives into the power of setting artistic goals in all the important areas from developing your skills to overcoming creative blocks and staying inspired. I also created a workbook full of supporting material that you can fill in along the way and create your road map as an artist.

Artistic Goals eBook and Workbook by HIYA CREATIVE
Colourful product photography for HIYA CREATIVE stationery accessories. Styled still life photography by HIYA MARIANNE.

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Finding your tribe can be so crucial especially for us who do work that often requires a lot of alone time. Connecting with others makes you feel part of something bigger, plus you’ll find new opportunities, information and people to collaborate with!